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Optional activities are not included in the fee and have an additional cost, except for "Aniversary", "Honey Moon", "Baby Moon" and "Birthday" packages, in which some of this activities are included.

A Unique Experience for Nature Lovers
Excursion up the Antequera stream, unveiling the immensity of the Paraná de las Palmas river, the beauty of its horizons and its amazing landscape. This activity can be performed at two different times -in the morning or in the afternoon, in either case subject to availability and weather conditions. Navigation is traditionally preferred in the afternoon, when the sunset can be fully observed, starting in the daylight and returning in the evening. The excursion includes a snack service and lasts one hour.

True beauty and authentic well being derive from a deeply hidden place in our inner self which becomes manifest when body, mind and spirit are in harmony. Our list of services has been carefully prepared in order to balance our body, ease our mind and nurture our spirit through stimulation by the circulation of vital energy throughout our body. You can choose from a 30-minute, a 1-hour, and a 1.5-hour massage. Complete your resting experience during your stay with any of these techniques:
    Decontracting massage
    Relaxation massage
    Traditional Thai massage

    Ayurvedic massage
    Cervical - foot massage
    Manual lymphatic drainage

 * The massage cabinet is open during weekends and on weekdays only upon prior reservation. Check duration and prices before making your reservation.




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